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Similar to getting cured from diseases, all the world attained pleasure and prosperity grew there.

Lalithambal Shobanam(Tamil)

As per the words of Lord Brahma in the auspicious moment, in the middle of the scented hall of the devas, along with his wife, Lord Vishnu gave Madhu parka to the groom and later gave the bride Goddess Lalitha to the Lord Kameswara and Kameswara tied the marriage thread on her neck.

To those who tell this Shobanam with love and devotion on Navarathri, Pournami, Fridays, there would never be any sorrow in their life. Seeing the flow of blood in the battle field, all the devas saw that all the asuras were lying executed by the army of Shakthis and saw that the elephants and horses were floating like turtles.

The elephants were cut in to pieces, The horses were cut in to pieces. Santhanam, and mother Padmasani Ammal. In the greatness of Goddess Lalitha, in the one lakh crore part of her fame we would tell only a little. Let there b good.

We are falling at your lotus like feet with eight parts of our body touching the floor. The goddess without being afraid, became very angry on seeing Bandasura. I am telling this based on that omens that I see.

Help us build the world’s largest lyrics collection by contributing lyrics here. We have emailed you a change of email request. Can you please help me on this. This story is also told in Lalitha Sahasra Nama.


They came playing the huge drums, with flying flags. Try new Snapdeal App for higher exchange discount. Make my entire army come. The devas showered Athar and flowers and her friends fanned her and the Goddess along with the Shakthis reached the temple. There is no comparison to the wealth of the Goddess. They shobanaam with round umbrellas denoting royalty and flags with great anger against the asuras.

All round the Lalithxmbal house, is the Chinthamani walls and all round it are lamps. Due to orders of Lord Brahma, Viswakarma architect of devas and Maya architect of asuras built the marriage mantap stage with gold and gems and tied banana stem, areca nut stems, sugarcane and garlands made of various flowers as well the never fading garlands. Near that arena is the land of Shiva, after lalihhambal the Sathyaloka of Brahma, then the famous land of Vishnu. Later all the devas talked with each other and decided on one thing.

Please show me that form once. I am not supposed to tell you llaithambal these, I told you because you are great and I would tell you further. The repeating of Shobanam was primarily for this. Return form will snobanam sent to your email Id: Why I told you this is because you have committed all these sins. There is no other second word by me regarding this.

For the incarnation of fish, Let good things happen. What do you need? Then that Mohini told the asuras.

Lalithambal shobanam

To live, to listen, to learn. Then the angry Dummatha sent Guranda. She sent all the snakes on the Shakthis, Let there be victory to the Shakthis. On the octet shaped seat called Chakra Raja king of chakras there are three times five floors and is.

| Lalithambal Shobanam – Devotional 2 – Video

We will let you know shoobanam in stock. Goddess Sampathkari Killed Dummatha and his army. They both have a good collection of devotionals. Nakuleswari cut the necks of the five Karangars like a tender vegetable, Goddess Manthrini gave presents of gems of the Goddess to the fearless Nakuleswari. The God Shiva made fire sacrifice with ghee, performed Pani Grahanam holding of her handmade her climb on the grinding stone and took three rounds around the lallithambal and the three eyed one, did offer puffed rice to the fire.


Manthrini killed one and half portion of the army and also killed Vishanga with great anger.

All of them came and stood and filled up the space before Goddess Lalitha and saluted the great Goddess and went on singing her praises. That incarnation of Lalitha which came to remove the problems of devas, came along with a silk umbrella on a very artistic chariot which shined like lightning and the Goddess came in the Chariot of Sri Chakra raja along with glitter.

Sep 18, 7. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Due to the rain of arrows of the deceiving Vishukra the Shakthi army suffered and became thin, The army of the Goddess due to the sufferings approached the Goddess. As per the orders of the mother, Manmatha beat her with a flower arrow and shoanam married Lord Shiva and enjoyed. Thank you for your interest You will be notified when this product will be in stock.

Similarly his ministers like Kutilaksha joined with him. Please hear this with love and concentration.

Bandasura then called Maha bali and other Asuras. The goddess came to the palace and sat on the throne along with her husband and to all those who were hungry she gave all the boons requested using her nectar like eyes.