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Great concept, but I feel that it would have been better off as a short story.

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What if there was a matriarch, men ate the Pill, wore pehos “The boys said it was awkward and uncomfortable, cramming your penis into that stupid box. It’s a great and very thought provoking satire, really pinpointing some of the gender inequalities that still exist on so many levels in society. I remember triangles of pubic hair, and that’s about it?

Who can’t relate to wanting more ce what society expects of you?

The planet is called Egalia. It’s not a comfortable read, nor an easy one, and those who really dislike it might do well to truly and genuinely investigate why. Since she has been a writer full-time. The activists have serious grievances with their world but they’re also having fun realizing that they don’t have to stick to all the rules set out for them.

It really made you think and I like the idea. This book reverses the gender roles in our culture so that women dominate society and language. I’m glad to have read it! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

It’s a very simple twist but as it extends, and new examples keep popping up like mysterious linguistic swamp cadavers, the point is driven home rather thoroughly: Men, if lucky, are housebound vs.


She has published 10 novels, 2 plays, 2 translations, and many political songs, and has contributed to numerous anthologies. Women are the dominant ones.

Las hijas de Egalia

It kind of does towards the end, but egaloa as much as I would have liked. Other reviews have called the book “dated” and while some outright gender discrimination that is pointed out here is no longer this common, the book isn’t nearly as dated as we could hope for.

Brantenberg was born in Oslo, but grew up in Fredrikstad. Something of a product of its times, in places — it might help to know a little about the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s — but not much dated for all of that, and rather grimly funny throughout. I read it in a Women’s Studies class in college, and it definitely left an impression on me. I found Brantenberg’s alternate reality to be both humorous and tragic at the same time.

In the novel the female is defined as the normal and the male as the abnormal, subjugated sex. The author creates a society where “normal” US gender roles are switched and language is changed to draw our attention to the inequalities in our society. Egalka About Egalia’s Daughter Men are encouraged to gain weight to be ‘pretty and plump’ and when they dress up, they wear sheaths over their exposed penises, which they decorate.

In she founded a literary Women’s Forum with the purpose of encouraging women to write and publish.

The last chapter where there are “excerpts” of Petronius’s book is illuminating, and I would say vital reading for those who have disliked the book until that point.

Read it for school. In this book, men and women trade roles. All words that are normally in masculine form are given in a feminine form, and vice versa. She was a board member of the Norway’s first association for homosexual people Forbundet avthe precursor to the Norwegian National Association for Lesbian and Gay Liberation.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Females are the dominant sex wom and huwoms vs. Men cannot be farmers because how could they truly understand earth rhythms.

This is a Scandinavian feminist classic, and a classic case of “what-if” alternate reality fiction. It lacks a decent plot so there is no need hijaa ca pages.

This book has very interesting ideas, and you really have to think while reading it, but the story and the writing were fgalia of dull.

Published February 29th by Horas y horas first published Preview — Las hijas de Egalia by Gerd Brantenberg.

Men wear penho and always keep a shirt on while women proudly flash their naked breasts. Return to Book Page.

Parts of it also felt slightly dated, but still. She worked from in the Women’s House in Oslo. And jijas was so impractical when you had to pee. Perhaps certain “activists” concerned with oppression of males should read this book to see what that actually would look like. Great read and thought provoking: The concept of being gang raped by women. I’m not good at satire. Ee English, there would be phrases like ladying over someone instead of lording over and having the ovaries to do something daring rather than the balls.

Las hijas de Egalia by Gerd Brantenberg (3 star ratings)

This is a satire and is interesting. I couldn’t imagine a world in which men could be completely objectified and patronized by women. Open Preview See a Problem? A humorous and altogether thought-provoking read for the modern feminist. Egaloa by Gerd Brantenberg.