Simple exercises in order to practice with you antenna. lecher-antenna-manual: Lecher Antenna Manual. Updated a year ago. About · 0 Discussions · 0 Change Requests. Star 0. Subscribe 1 · Read. BOOK & PRACTICAL GUIDE LECHER ANTENNA. Link to Lecher antenna CEREB® user’s manual. gallery/cover part2. gallery/backcover the lecher antenna.

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Q Who Am I? Manuwl Jean-Paul-Maxime It is important to indicate average because the energy level of your left hand may not be the same as your right hand. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Place one of your meter at the center of your two guides obtained earlier and on the ground. In order to be sure that you do not commit error, replay step 2, 3 and 4, several times and change sense, a shot in the opposite direction in the clockwise directionuntil you get the same benchmark every time.

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If you find that the antsnna between your metres does not match the theoretical value here 2. Self help for Bunglow Self help for small apartment. Self help for Big apartment.

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  AOPEN 1845 PDF

These products help your immune system to retain their energy. Use self help remedy system to harmonise Vastulogical defects in your living or working place.

It turns, it moves : Exercises for Lecher antenna

This is why we will define the perimeter and the scale that will be used. You should get a different result because the Hartmann network lines have a wide of 21 cm, you should therefore find the right side and the left side of the line. The rules are as follows: Among all times where you have replay steps 2 and 3 there was one of benchmarks which was valid, then retry and try to feel in your hands when the antenna reacts.

The concept of energy is the more blurry thing that can exist in dowsing. Take a compass, and hide it in your pocket without looking at where it points. This exercise can also apply on a person other than the operator a place, a house, a piece, a surface Take a fixed marker, away and big enough like a tree, a house, a mountain Click on the image in order to print the bovis scale.

Focus mentally on Hartmann network, a good question to keep in mind: You can use this exercise for all kind of ajtenna. You can add marks above It varies depending on the location where you stand, with the state of your mind calm, nervous, This frequency transforms your antenna in a pendulum.

The Lecher Antenna

Energy measurement of space. Caution, the network can also have different positions on the height dimension.

In case you can see the list of values on line for a 18 cm classic antenna. Before starting maual researh, find two a minimum of 2 large meters in wood and a compass. Walk gently side way taking the antenna in front of you walk from right to left, like crabs.


The Lecher Antenna

Take a close enough fixed guide near you, like a chair, a tree, a pebble Watch on your list of valuesmove the slider of the antenna abtenna the Natenna Help Use self help remedy system to harmonise Vastulogical defects in your living or working place.

To be sure that you do not commit error, replay steps 3, 4 several times, but changing direction right to left and left to right. View Details Buy Now. Your email address will not be published.


When your antenna will pass above the correct value, it will become heavier, which will make it fall forward or backward, it can also thrill depending on your way of holding it. Focus mentally and the following question: Pull out your compass but keep your place, do not move and put it on your antenna.

Indeed, if this is not the case, the compass gives you a false information and in this case it is very possible that the network is deviate or cut, you may be right, try an another location. Reseller should empower himself to sell well and his customers should be happy.