As a rule, nothing provokes parents to anger quicker than disrespect. In this broadcast, Lou Priolo (one of the featured speakers at the. Getting a Grip: The Heart of Anger Handbook for Teens [Lou Priolo] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I’m angry, got a problem with that?. ANGER! Is it ever in your home? Do your children ever speak to you in angry, disrespectful tones? Do they ever fight between themselves? Have you ever lost .

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I look forward to working out both the Anger and Heart Journals with my children, although I suspect we will wind up defaulting to one or disrespecy other.

How to Deal with Disrespectful Teenagers » Lou Priolo Resources

Child perceives discipline as personal, vindictive attack. Resources for Biblical Living Apr 20, It is good for all of us! The premise is that behavior issues are generally rooted in an anger problem. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About what I wanted?

How to deal with Disrespectful Teenagers – Part 2

To be fair and honest, I’m not quite sure if the example dialogue language felt foreign because it appeared forced and unrealistic or if it’s because I just haven’t been trained to consider situations in those terms. Child follows your example; don’t model anger. Jun 27, Amber rated it really liked it. Loj to Expect from Biblical Counseling, Pt 1. It’s written by a Christian counselor and instructor.

Regularly praise, so child perceives correction as part of biblical love. We’re struggling with our nearly-3 daughter who ignores and defies us. Speak with self-control, with few words, calmly, gently. Some of the scenarios feel contrived and stretched to fit the author’s agenda. Quotes from The Heart of Ange What should Prillo have said to myself?


For example, what do I want so much that I am willing to sin to get it or because I don’t get it? Once that has been established, there needs to be consistent follow-up each time anger is expressed inappropriately. The chapter on not answering a fool in his folly is especially helpful. God bless the author, God bless the readers, God bless their children. While reading, I already began putting into prac I was told lpu this was something like Love and Logic, only with scriptural references.

The Heart of Anger: Helping Angry Children by Lou Priolo

Feb 17, Poiema rated it really liked it Shelves: As sinners saved by grace, foolishness still creeps into our conversations. I know of no other book that addresses this problem with such practical and applicable biblical olu.

When you offend your child, admit it to them and ask for forgiveness. Anyone who are bellievers or not.

What to Expect, which was written to acquaint those who are considering biblical counseling by explaining some of the key elements of the process and to offer them hope that disrespct matter what their problem, Jesus Christ has a solution.

This would be very worthwhile for anyone dealing with anger in their children or themselves! Think Room Think Room: What I love most about this book is that you can read it from both the vantage point of the child or the parent.

What I love most about this book is that you can read it from both the vantage point of the child or the parent. There are some simple, and loh surprising, ways to find out. Christian families, especially those in which children are home for most of the day, especially episodes of frustration and anger. Married to an Unbeliever – Part 1. You will be challenged by how you score!


I appreciated that the remedy is not merely punitive. I read this for myself years ago, and though it’s not a magic bullet, it does give a parent thoroughly Biblical help in addressing anger issues with a child. It’s written very practically which kind of made it feel tedious to get through considering how many of the concepts overlapped. The book includes a journaling tool that I found helpful; having a child evaluate in writing what triggered the anger, how it was wrongly expressed, and how it could have been expressed constructively is helpful in reinforcing acceptable behavior.

Praise with greater frequency than you reprove. Maybe it’s just awkward to read something that is intended to be a verbal discussion. In reading this, I realized that I’m committing several of the behaviors that provoke children to anger. I had to rate this at only a 3 star because,after all, I have children. This book also has a workbook that can be used as part of a small group setting.

Yet, ironically enough, it selfishly longs for others to esteem itself highly. Are you an author?