Ti aspettavo by Armentrout Jennifer L. (J. Lynn) at – ISBN – ISBN – Nord – – Hardcover. J. Lynn, pseudonimo di Jennifer L. Armentrout, è l’autrice bestseller della serie: Ti aspettavo. – Ti aspettavo – Ti fidi di me? – Stai qui con me – Rimani con me. J. Lynn, pseudonimo di Jennifer L. Armentrout, è l’autrice bestseller della serie: Ti aspettavo – Ti aspettavo – Ti fidi di me? – Stai qui con me – Rimani con me.

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New Romance Italia: Ti aspettavo di J. Lynn

But I just found the lines he came out with either cringy or hilarious. Even if she is covered in vomit, which we don’t know for sure, he should’ve covered her with a blanket so she doesn’t get cold and wait for her best friend to come back and change her. What at the beginning was a puzzle needed to be put together, developed into something more, aspettqvo slowly, Cam and Avery will fall in love.

She hopes someday she can start dating and lead a normal life, because ‘normal’ was taken as;ettavo from her on Halloween night five years ago by an older boy named Blaine. Racing up the aspegtavo staircase, I barreled through the doubled doors and smacked right into a brick wall… Something strong and hard went around my waist, stopping my free fall… A second later I was pressed against a wall.

It was beautiful, emotional and at many parts hilarious!! Also, 3 stars means the book was okay, and this was more than okay. The reason I said it felt different is because of the characters. But I believe that’s what it is. There were a lot of moments with Cam and Avery where they would aspegtavo me laughing because of how cute they were and also because of how perfect they were together. She’s never been on a date, never been in a relationship, and the way she was treated back then ljnn different.


He was like a hot Moses, parting the sea of drunk college students.

Ti aspettavo

Besides, some of those books are amazing with awesome storylines and characters. View all 43 comments. Cam, who doesn’t have aspetfavo shy bone in his body, is totally intrigued by Avery. Trust is the central theme here — Avery will need to learn to trust Cam and her reticence will threaten to destroy their fledgling relationship. The things I let my so-called “friends” talk me into. Tell me that the whole pure bloods and half bloods thing isn’t taken straight out of Mead’s work and planted in another.

I’ve read a few of her more recent nov 2. There wasn’t a cliffhanger, although there was a little snippet of Jase and Theresa mostly Jase thinking which gets me wondering why.

Jennifer Armentrout – Wikipedia

He’s also apettavo as one of those guys that can get a girl he wants, but with Avery, it’s different. D One scene got me teary-eyed, and one scene had me gasping in shock and surprise look at my status below LOL. I did feel this book leaned more toward Young Adult in content than New Adult, but that’s why it appealed to me. The build up to Avery and Cam’s relationship was a breath of fresh air!

I’m going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books and see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising gems.

Tyler was a hilarious character! Wait For You is about coming to terms with decisions and concequences you are not proud about and finally being able to move on. Mar 20, oliviasbooks rated it did not like it Shelves: Avery’s tormented past hindered her ability to trust and getting her on a date was no easy task for Cam. I feel like man candy.


D She kept avoiding him, and he kept flirting with her: First off, I will never look at cookies and eggs the same way again. He is overly flirty and extremely easy on the eyes. He took his time with her, not rushing anything and not wanting her to rush anything because he wanted everything to be a way they both wanted it to be.

I don’t think quite as serious a claim can be laid against Wait for Youbut yet again I see evidence of recycled scenes and characters that tells me on some level, originality has failed to surface in her work once more. The whole half 1. He is charming and hot. I have assignments, friends, plenty of shit to keep me busy. Ya know, those typical steamy and hot things. He also knows she is holding her past close to the vest, but understands all too well, as he has his own secrets he would rather not discuss.

DD But like I said, I don’t really mind: But I loved that Cam stood by her throughout it all. He asks her out constantly, and she is constantly turning him down. He’s one of those obscenely beautiful male figures with an arrogant personality that I assume we’re supposed to find sexy and clearly, from the ratings, many people do. The cutest thing is that Cam asks Avery out several times a week and she always turns him down.

I loved how, like I said, Cam loved Avery even more after she told him the truth. This book made me see why.