The High Lord of the Immortal Darkyn has sent his most trusted warrior, Korvel, to retrieve a coveted scroll that’s rumored to contain maps to Templar. Nightborn (Lords of the Darkyn, book 1) by Lynn Viehl – book cover, description, publication history. Viehl returns to the world of the Darkyn (after November ‘s Nightshine) in the disappointing first of a new trilogy about vampire lords. Korvel.

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Nightborn (Library Edition) : Lords of the Darkyn

The Kraken King Part I. The assassins came at him with copper knives.

She called in to the dispatcher, but they were sent to care for victims of a shooting on the Golden Gate bridge. Back in the Darkyn series, Karvel was the one that bonded with Alex while she was bonded with Michael, and it screwed things up for them, big time. Alexandra Keller is a reconstructive surgeon. Just realized this is book one of a new series of Darkyn. The main characters are Korvel and Simone.

She was the best of the youngsters being trained by her father. There is also the side story of Gabriel and Nicola who have ylnn sent to find the scroll when Korvel is deemed missing which adds tension to the plot.


Nightborn by Lynn Viehl | : Books

But she knows that her responsibility to protect the scroll and its secrets hold precedence. I was pleased to see Korval get his own story.

Their chemistry is amazing, and despite the hardships nightborh encounter they make a wicked team and bring things to a satisfying conclusion. If you haven’t read this series yet, it’s best to start with the original Darkyn series first: I liked that the Brethen didn’t play a role in this book. View all 4 comments.

Looking for beautiful books? In what spare time remains she enjoys quilting, reading, cooking, painting, and knitting. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. This Darkyn installment was like false lhnn for me.

I don’t think so. It was also very interesting to see a little bit deeper into the relationship between Nicola and Gabriel. For she is the nihgtborn of a magical scroll. I enjoy seeing the characters from the previous books in the new stories, but really does Alexandria have to be such an asshat all the time? Among the books that I have read, this is one of my most disliked.

I understand the reason for copper coloured hair, but he is frigging blond! Nightborn brings into play complicated characters with issues of their own, aspects of the Darkyn that have not yet been explored, and new aspects that yet have foundations in what Lynn has established for the world. The nightbor of a new trilogy and just as nightobrn as the previous Darkyn novels, Nightborn brings the mysterious Darkyn existence to a new level as past secrets unleash new threats into their already dangerous lives.


He came to her one night and she kicked his ass: The constant “french” language is annoying, it impedes viiehl flow of the book for me. It has a good excerpt at the end for the next book Nightbred: I expected Michael or Phillipe to come with her, just in case something was amiss. Simone, is a tresora, a human servant of the Kyn.

Go pre-order this now. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them.

This was a new twist on this world. Both of their lives vieho only been duty to their lord or family. PS – I can see I have to add books I’ve read to my shelves. These were the watchful ones, the martial artists with their black belts and their clever techniques. But one giehl did her man Michael start letting Alex wander the countryside without him? See all Editorial Reviews. I was worried since I greatly disliked the series that lead into this one.