Macroscope [Piers Anthony] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Piers Anthony’s most loved works! A great interwoven exciting story . A “hard SF” novel by Piers Anthony, who usually writes fantasy, in which mathematics forms a basis of communication between humans and intelligent aliens. Macroscope by Piers Anthony – book cover, description, publication history.

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However I had trouble getting by the main character’s intentionally dull presence, and his slightly overcooked sexist views of another main character. One rather suspects that both Samuel Anhony.

I enjoy other Piers Anthony books more; however, I love anthonj he’s done with identity here and that was worth the whole read for me. Ironically, if he had simply not given any lengthy explanations of how it worked, it would have b The setup had potential, but there were so many problems with this book that I never got a chance to enjoy reading it. It was plain for all to see, unfortunately, that the book didn’t remotely come close to achieving any of these.

The macroscope’s clear view across space also makes it an ideal communications system for intelligent races, who broadcast signals by generating macrons, a technique nacroscope yet understood on Earth.

The honest educational video part of it introduces a source of galactic knowledge free to all iirc – sort of like wikipedia but one-way and better quality. Over time, and with further help from Ivo, the group watches a benign form the entire broadcast, which they come to call “traveller”. Nov 15, Awet Moges rated it really liked it.


A mixture of languages! This signal repeats itself, starting with instructions on basic math and progressing to ever-more macrosccope information. But the scientists running the scope have also stumbled across messages encoded within the particle stream, messages sent by alien civilizations for unclear purposes and which when viewed leave the viewer with a burnt out mind.

How they pull this off and what macorscope from this point is mind bending. So much for people who claim that you can’t write technology-based sf anymore – you just need to have enough imagination to come up with something new and different.

I have always viewed this book as the best Piers Anthony to be found. Finally, the overarching theme of the book explores mankind’s potential for self-destruction, seen both through the example of the “prob” race as well as an exploration of humanity. It is a story of coming of age, of sacrifice, and of love.

You would be wrong. Could be that I lost something as I grew older.

View all 3 comments. Afra attempts to cure Brad macroscoppe shocking him while he is being reconstituted from the liquid state, but the attempt fails and Brad is killed. I first read this Macroscope in the s when it came out. Jul 01, SraPanadera rated it did not like it. Buy this work of mathematical fiction and read reviews at amcroscope. Sword Game by H. Cox story The Disposessed by Ursula K. Macroscope bel Loose and rambling with annoying stereotypical characters that made me think it was written in the s when women were only either good wives or good-for-now.


Potpourri of Science Fiction Literature: Macroscope (Anthony, Piers)

We never learn …. Oh yes, she says, Polish! Piers Anthony click on names to see more mathematical fiction by the same author. Macroscope remains one of Anthony’s most-loved works, garnering praise from all quarters.

I’ve read at least 10 of Anthony’s books. Compound this with nonsense between astrology and astronomy and a grand orgy of gibberish about astrological signsif the reader has no interest whatsoever in astrology, the reader should perhaps stay clear of this overlong pseudo-science foray mzcroscope astrology.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A space opera of an unusual type. After all, the book is bursting with ideas and oddities.

Two reasons, at least, it could be considered math fiction: To see the entire list or to see more works of mathematical fiction, return to the Homepage.

The lovely Rydra soon figures it out. But although they may have longed for it, not even the most brilliant minds could conceive of a device as infinitely powerful or as immeasurably precise as the macroscope, until the twenty-first