Setup and Tutorial for Using LaTeX with TeXShop/BasicTeX. Introduction – WARNING: I DON’T USE MACS, SO I’M NOT SURE IF THIS’LL WORK. J. Here is a quick “tutorial” for getting started with LaTeX. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’m going to assume that you’re using TeXShop in one of. This tutorial will go through the steps required to start writing scientific reports with LATEX Other TEX editors like TeXmacs and TeXshop, for macintosh, exist.

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Try typesetting the following code, which contains an error: Click on the link near the top that says “Latest Tutoeial ” to download the file “texshop. If only the file universe. However, I much prefer that graphics be encapsulated in a figure. Also look at the various links on my resources page. I could not figure out the error. It gives us a way to display equations without the equation number.

Un-comment line 4 i. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Comprehensive, will answer almost any question you have. Try typesetting the following code, which contains an error:. Of course, after the step tutrial, you got rid of the error, but you also didn’t get the document to say what you wanted; let’s fix the error.


Add in some weird spaces and line breaks, so the middle of the code looks perhaps like this: This entry was posted in LaTeX. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Read the last few lines of information in the log window. Click “Continue” until you agree to the license. Now we want to include some math.

Second, a pdf file will appear, looking something like this: When it has finished downloading, double-click the file you can probably find it on your desktop to open it.

Perhaps the middle mqctex your document looks like macctex. These files will be updated every time you run latex on universe. If you want to print from a computer that does NOT have LaTeX installed or you want to send your file to someone who does not have LaTeX installed, but needs to see your beautiful typeset filelook in your working directory for your universe.

LaTeX takes care of most of the formatting for us! This may take up to 5 minutes to download tutoriql a wireless connection on campus. Using a wireless connection on campus, this can take up to 30 minutes to download.


Save this file as ” universe. What LaTeX was doing was alternating in and out of math mode exactly opposite as we intended, until according to LaTeX we tried to start an equation while already in math mode.

Getting started with LaTeX using TeXShop | Paul T. Allen

Let LaTeX take care of the formatting! It also manages LaTeX packages, which work very similarly to R packages. Math which is part of the text goes between dollar signs.

That same template includes an example of a bibliography. To obtain this compiler: These are fine, but there are other programs that will greatly expand your productivity in LaTeX.

What do we need?

LaTeX Setup and Tutorial

Type your WSU password if prompted. If you want to print right from the computer you are working on, it’s easy; just click the “Print” icon on the viewer. Perhaps the middle of your document looks like this: Rather than get a nice pdf, you should get this: Double-click this file to run the installer.