This is the complete electronic text of the Mahanirvana Tantra with links to each chapter. Tantra. I am telling Thee the truth, O Devi! Lay it to the heart and ponder over it. There is no doctrine superior to the Kaulika doctrine, the most. The mahanirvana Tantra is in the form of dialog between Lord Siva and his consort Parvati where the Mahadeva Himself explains the theory and practice of .

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Under the tree there is a great mandapa of precious stones, and within it a beautiful bed, on which let him picture to himself his Ishtadevata. The Vedic rites and Mantras which were efficacious in the First Age have ceased to be so in this. It extends from the Muladhara lotusthe Tattvik earth centre, to the cerebral region.

Mahanirvana Tantra

As stated, the forms of pranayama vary. Let the desire of the disciple determine what should be offered to the Devas. The second tattva is meat from three kinds of animals, those of the earth, sky and water. The disciple, having thus made obeisance to his Guru, should meditate upon his Ishta-devata, and worship Her as aforesaid, inwardly reciting the Mula-mantra meanwhile When Shri Krishna stole the clothes of the bathing Gopiand made them approach him naked, he removed the artificial coverings which are imposed on man in the sangsara.

Mahanirvana Tantra: Kali Yuga

In order to cause pleasure to the Devata the disciple should reciting the Mula-mantra the meanwhile draw the Yantra either with a gold needle, or with the thorn of a bael tree on a piece of gold, silver, or copper, which has been smeared with either the Svayambhu, Kunda, or Gola flowers, or with sandal, fragrant aloe, kumkuma, or with red sandal paste.

This should be done thrice After presenting the twelve mantras to Parvati, he moves on to explain worship of Sakti by the five elements, wine, meat, fish, grain, and union of man and woman to attain the position of vira Bhattacharyya In ordinary parlance, mudra means ritual gestures or positions of the body in worship and hathayogabut as one of the five elements it is parched cereal, and is defined as Bhrishtadanyadikang yadyad chavyaniyam prachakshate, sa mudra kathita devi sarvveshang naganam-dini.


Having thus meditated on the great Devi Gayatri, and offered water three times in the hollow of his joined hands, the worshipper should make Japa with the Gayatri either ten or a hundred times Next, form with the left hand the Naivedya-Mudra, which is like a full-blown lotus. I could not give an undertaking which would have involved the publication of a mutilated text, and the reader must therefore for the present be content with a translation of the first part of the Tantra, which is generally known, and has, as stated, been several times printed.

It is also said that yantra is so called because it subdues niyantrana lustangerand the other sins of jiva and the sufferings caused thereby.

Mahanirvana Tantra | Mahavidya

This word in its most general sense means mahanirvaba instrument, or that by which anything is accomplished. In each of the petals of the mahanirvwna are placed all the letters of the alphabet ; and whatever there is in the lower chakra or in the universe brahmanda exist here in potential state avyakta-bhava.

It is in the household Fire and in the consciousness of man, and dwells in the honoured region. She is worshipful as Guruand as wife of Guru.

The Vriddhi Shraddha is the ritual performed during special occasions to get the blessings of the ancestors, and the Purnabhisheka is the rite of initiation Avalon Then follows the nama-karanaor naming ceremonyand nishkramana in the fourth month after delivery, when the child is taken out of doors for the first time and shown the sunthe vivifying source of lifethe material embodiment of the Divine Savita.

It gives Thee pleasure, and is the way by which Thou art most swiftly obtained 6.

Virtue possessed the four mahamirvana of its whole; in the Treta Age it lost one-quarter of its Virtue; in the Dvapara Age there was of Virtue but two quarters, and in the Kali Age it has but one Strike the wine-jar with a wisp of kusha grass, saying Phat; then, whilst uttering the Bija Hum, veil it by the Avagunthana Mudra, next utter the Bija Hrim, and look with unwinking eye upon the jar, then sprinkle the jar with the Mantra Namah.

The Kali Age cannot harm those who are vowed to and grounded in truth, adherents of the true Dharma, and faithful to the performance of Kaulika rites and duties Man- of mantra comes from the first syllable of mananaand -tra from trana, or liberation from the bondage of the sangsara or phenomenal world. The Sadhaka mahanigvana versed in Tantda should then seat himself according to the “Virasana posture”, with his face towards the East or the North, and should consecrate the Vijaya Bring Kalika within my control.


What is there in all the three worlds which should be concealed from Thee? As an image is the mahanirvanna yantra in which divinity devatva inheres, so also is the body of guru.

In this sadhana there is no need for a multiplicity of Nyasa, for fasting or other practices of self-restraint. Then, filling the cups three-quarters full of wine from the jar, a morsel of Shuddhi of the size of a pea should be placed in each of them Tantga are all described in the Ninth Chapter of this Tantra.

Mahanirvana Tantra – Chapter Index

The word is derived in two ways:. There is none other but Him to meditate upon, to pray to, to worship for the attainment of liberation In the vaidika vrata the sangkalpa is made in the morning, and the vrata is done before midday. As the nirguna formless One, She is its vachya-shakti.

In this terrible and sinful Age mahanirvna of tapas which is so difficult to traverse, the very seed of liberation is the use of the Brahma-Mantra It is, as it were, the wearing of jewels on different parts of the body. Shabdaor soundwhich is of the Brahman mahqnirvana, and as such the cause of the Brahmandais the manifestation of the Chit-shakti Itself. Om, O Devi Sudha!

The excellent disciple should place his hands in his lap with the palms upwards, and fixing his mind on the Muladhara Chakra let him rouse Kundalini by uttering the Bija “Hum”. Then, taking the sacrificial knife, the excellent worshipper should worship it with the Bija “Hum,” and worship Sarasvati and Brahma at its end, Lakshmi and Narayana at its middle, and Uma and Maheshvara at the handle