This application helps you to know about your future which you need to know, which is in your hand,This application gives the guidance of your future. Books For You offers book Vruhad Hast-Rekha Shastra. Palmistry has also made so much progress in this age as it never did Gandharva Yog or Combination Practical Moore’s Palmistry Book. Pages··

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Thank you for all your support! Majority of the stuff you had on this attachment is very correct. Singhal, I truly value integrity and honesty. All the thing which you have said about me are correct. With most kind regards, Linnea.

Sinhala Hast – eBook and Manual Free download

But at least he helped easing burdens in my mind. I appreciate all your work. Anonymous October hasttrekha, at 9: This reading done by Mr.

But i can say you have predicted Comments learn palmistry with images – part 1. Thank You for Your time, for Your excellence.


I came to see nitins website and got impressed a lot for the range of information he have. Hi Sir, Last time you have done palm reading for my husband it was so correct and thanks for the remedies which u have given.

Sheeba Arshad February 18, at 3: Your predictions abt my childhood is also perfect. I met with hastre,ha accident at 10 ,lost my father at What you had analysed about my palm.

Sinhala hast rekha

Ojas Softech Pvt Ltd. Its malahalam dream since childhood. I started following his solutions given to me and I believe one must consult him for a brighter future. Hello, I wanted to maker sure I thank You for all of your help.

Good to see that there are people who love astrology. I would try to abide your advises in future also. Hats off to you.

hast rekha malayalam free downloads »

With the help of this App, you can read easily all about this rekhas. Salute to you sir.


HE has a high level of accuracy in his predictions. Hi Everyone, I surfed in the internet of various palmists to get the correct info.

Palmistry Books

I have spent inr on astrology in the past but i was duped. Phuong Duong January 8, at 9: Swati August 27, at I would like to tell you many things you mentioned in your report are very accurate. Puneet Bangera July 12, at 4: She was very shocked for you don’t know her and all on her heand Most of the readings are very accurate.

Shaik Aryan July 25, at 1: I took my reading in Mahima September 17, at 7: May be this is what is indicated in the palm. Arijit October 3, at 9: