Allworx 6x Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Allworx 6x User Manual, Installation Manual, Release Note, Brochure. Allworx Corp, a Windstream company. User’s Guide – Release The Allworx 6x and 6×12 servers only allow one (1) conference to be active at a. Allworx System Administrator Guide Version ALLWORX * Page iii Revised: 09/17/ Contents.

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The checkboxes are for configuring specific Allworx services in the LAN address list.

Allworx 6x Manuals

The server default checked requires the user to update each password and PIN at the next login. Locate the Handset Network Profile Templates section. There is an option mamual disable the clock display if majual phone is not synchronized to network time or the handset user does not need the time to be displayed Yes No Codec Preference Order Set the preferred codec order in the phone.

Add Allworx Tsp Driver Call Assistant Appearances The Modify page displays. Users perform these management tasks using the existing Allworx administration pages with access to the areas in which they have permission using their username and password.

If user is already set up prior to upgrading the server to 7. When audible dialing is disabled, dialing operations are silent. This setting only applies to: In AMI mode, clear channel data service is not available and only a 56K data rate will be available on each slot.


Allworx 6x Phone Server up to 60 Users Upgrades Available

Need a new screen shot. The system needs to recognize this case distinctly from the local number case and know to collect all 11 digits before trying to make the call.

This account would be used for email, voicemail, and text alerts. The Shared Call Appearances dialog box allworz.

She has one Call Appearance defined on her phone. Update the System Features section, as appropriate. This is identical to the manner how all outside lines are configured including analog phone lines and digital lines.

Allworx 6x Manuals

There is a numbered row in the table corresponding to the individual PFK on the phone. The phone will allwprx and connect using the DHCP and manually entered settings. Currently, only T1 mode and Disabled are available.

If the new handset does not have enough PFKs available, the system notifies the user, and the handset replacement completes without adding the Shared Call Appearance to the new handset. If no one picks allwrx the held call, the handset that placed the call on hold receives a notification per their individual HOLD reminder settings.

This creates a problem when configuring the Internet DNS servers so that mail sent to user mycompany.


Otherwise, intercom calls automatically answer with a live microphone after the alerting tone. This is intended to connect to the service provider interface that is operating as the FXS side of the Ground-Start interface.

Calls received from this CO line go to: If checking this box, the system sends a SIP redirect message. Click the Modify link to update the values.

Click the add new row link, if there are any additional area codes with unique Service Group requirements. Speed Dials and retrieving parked calls are in other ranges that are maanual assigned to user extensions. For this reason, it is recommended to make these decisions and configure the options early in the installation process. Yes Yes Yes Reboot the phones allwworx changing any settings on the View Configuration page for the changes to take effect.

The software may not be copied, decompiled, reverse-engineered, disassembled, or otherwise reduced to human-perceivable form. Press the down arrow allworx to highlight Preferences. Use the data connection for connectivity to another remote site on a dedicated T1 line or for connectivity to a service provider for Internet access.