Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor AC Please use these simple instructions to set up and use your Angelcare baby monitor system. Consumer Helpline. View and Download Angelcare AC instruction manual online. AC Baby Monitor pdf manual download. Also for: Ac deluxe. Additional features of the Deluxe are highlighted throughout the Manual. The Angelcare Baby Monitor is a Personal Care Product. Please DO NOT return it to the.

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One or both units are placed near a large metal construction which obstructs the transmission. This will put the 1c.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Breathing Movement and Audio Monitor with Wired Sensor Pad

A higher sensitivity means that the microphone will pick up softer sounds quicker. The Sensitivity adjustment has been preset. Manual included Pre-programmed to monitor sound and movement Features: Crystal Clear Transmission This system operates on a 2.

Angelcare is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages with regard to this product. Sound Transmission Setting Step 6, Menu 3 However other countries use different transmission frequencies and therefore it may not be possible.

Angelcare Baby Monitor Instructions

Monitoring of premature babies, or babies considered to be at risk, should be carried out only under the supervision of a monnitor or health professional. The pendulum icon on the nursery unit should flash green as you do this. This is a single beep and may wake baby from a deep sleep. You must then set each system to a different channel to avoid interference.

Audio & Breathing Movement Baby Monitor | Angelcare AC | Angelcare Baby

But never turned on as we purchased a different monitor when our baby went into cot. Out Of Range Setting Menu 2: It is easy to change any settings on your monitor, by following the instructions in the manual. No other warranty is given. Please visit the shallow. Livestrong Parenting Babies Baby Gear. The monitor is relatively easy to install and the sensitivity of it is amazing.


No sound is being transmitted The units are not connected. This instruction Manual is applicable for the AC with one parent unit. Your baby is in a very deep sleep or has moved to a corner of the bed, away from the SensorPad. This is not harmful they grow and develop. Can I use my AC monitor for twins or triplets? Make sure there is no bedding between mattress and SensorPad. My son was having trouble with Apnoea attacks at the hospital so we bought it as a precaution.

Continuous or Voice-Activated Sound Monitoring Voice-activated or continuous transmission only available in certain countries. If you have questions, or need help, please contact customer support. Angelcare Helpline ; Monday to Friday, 10am – 3pm Website: Activates switches on the SensorPad.

See for 2 seconds. Your baby monitor is now ready for use with one Parent Unit. However, other countries use different transmission frequencies and adapters and therefore it may not be possible.

Keep your Parent Unit close by and on vibration mode anytime the sound of the alarm might be disruptive. Temperature Control Setting Step 6, Menu 5 Alarm Settings Menu 5: Although wireless devices including Angelcare Baby Monitors are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with applicable regulations governing radio frequency emissions, wireless transmitters and electrical circuits, they may be still be subject to interference.


Very little wear and tear. This means that it will transmit sounds only when it detects them. On the screen of the Parent Unit, the empty battery icon flashes and the Nursery Unit icon appears, to show you that it is the batteries in the nursery unit that are low.

When not using the monitor for any long period, remove the batteries from both units and disconnect the AC adapters from the electrical outlet. For short periods of time you can use the sensitivity slightly when baby is very wngelcare convertors, however for longer NOTE: Do not put the parents’ unit near wireless devices or near microwaves, as this may disrupt signal transmission.

The SensorPad and its cord are entirely passive. When the monitor is on HOLD, the movement alarm will not go off and no sound is being transmitted.

Therefore, if no movement is detected, the alarm will emit one short beep after 15 seconds, followed ,anual loud beeps in rapid succession 5 seconds later. If this equipment does cause interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, please try to correct the interference through one or more of the following actions: Product is not available to purchase at this time.