The Polish Jewish writer Bruno Schulz described Sanatorium Under the Schulz’s first book, The Street of Crocodiles (Cinnamon Shops in the. XXXVI, No. 2, ? The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences. ANDREAS SCHONLE. CINNAMON SHOPS BY BRUNO SCHULZ: THE APOLOGY. The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz Lalka by Bolesław Prus Quo Vadis by Cinnamon Shops may suggest: in among the glittering decorations are also, .

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It could be about many things but my take is that it is a story of a boy’s relationship with a strange father who turns to a cockroach like Gregor Samsa. His cinnzmon Drohobycz has a complicated history and a mixed population – in Schulz’s lifetime it moved from the Austro-Hungarian empire to independent Poland to Russian and then German occupation, since then it has become part of Western Ukraine via the USSR.

Jan 26, Sofia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Their faces disappeared under large, shapeless spots. We walked along that shaggy edge of the darkness, brushing against the bearskin of the bushes, which cracked under our feet in the bright, moonless night, the false, milky daylight long after midnight.

Cinnamon Shops

But real late at night, when Cijnamon past the point of tired and back to wide awake, only punch-drunk, then I can become fully enveloped in this world. Only now do I understand the lonely heroism with which he alone had waged war against the fathomless elemental boredom that strangled the city.

A vanished world, a child’s wavering sense of reality, a street of magic which cannot always be found and then appears when you’re lost… it is quite the Chagall world, with a darker undertow of contagion and panic, leavened with whimsy. The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz.

He would creep on toe-pads to an adjacent door, and empty room, and peek with the greatest circumspection through the keyhole. He was working on a novel at the time of his murder, but it has never surfaced.


The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz

Those nocturnal assemblies were full of mysterious charm for me, and I could not forgo this opportunity cinnamoh peek for a moment into the art room, resolving to spare only a few minutes for the visit. This is,’ he continued with a pained smile, ‘the proof of our love for matter as such, for its fluffiness or porosity, for its unique mystical consistency.

For instance, Schulz in six or eight pages creates a story that resembles and gives the same effect as Kafka’s Metamorphosis. With great calm and focus I silently arranged the sugary pearls- I organized, designed, and created small scale works of mathematical genius.

Any perspective was welcomed, but this one particularly made sense– or proceeded to make nonsense, but nevertheless got the wheels turning when the crank was rusty.

A brief survey of the short story part 30: Bruno Schulz

Retrieved from ” https: It can be hard to read at times if you’re not in the proper mood, however. Can a simple ordinary fact of a normal day, become a superb piece of literature? The young lad, who is our narrator, is of age to be beset by those hormones that make every female seem like the personification of Aphrodite. This ritual lasted well over an hour These stories are all told in the first person about his family – mostly his father. Also sensual in the sense of touch, the feeling that there is behind his words.

One that mattered to all of us was evening supper. Patterns ending in wonder, not an articulation of order.

One day my brother, on his return from school, brought the improbable and yet true news of the imminent end of the world. The Street of Crocodiles”. The gaps that result have to be surmised by the vague guesses and suppositions of review readers and we always offer our sympathy for the predicament they find themselves hsops, especially if they feel called upon to comment after reading.


Jun 24, Inderjit Sanghera rated it it was amazing. He was breathing heavily, his head bowed. This book made me begin stretching my mind to believe in new realities. It’s poetry in novella form. To the bookstore my bella faccias!

Cinnamon Shops by Bruno Schulz

Because of how he died, because much of his work — including the tantalisingly rumoured novel, The Messiah — is lost, and because of his talent, he has proved magnetic to other authors, whose work by turns uncovers and occludes his own. This collection brings together his two published collections of fiction and three other stories. It grew hushed and sleepy.

We’re incredibly fortunate that these stories survived and that they contribute to our understanding of the Holocaust and mankind.

Schulz will take you to the extremes of exhilaration and debilitating depression. Often, when the antics of the invisible sphere grew too absurd, he could only flick his fingers and laugh quietly to himself. And then I began. We offer a luminous space where a beuno curser waits patiently to receive the reviewer’s words, words which may be written in a thousand different ways depending on the reviewer in question, sometimes baldly, sometimes boldly, sometimes rbuno hints and ellipses, dashes and dots.

But it’s not all whimsical. I’d known of Schulz for a long time, but as mentioned there, had always been put off by the title The Street of Crocodilescombined with the seriousness and slight sadism of cninamon black and white illustration on the front of the recent Penguin Classics editions. View all 17 comments. Second, there is temporal distortion.