cl_document_bcs->add_attachment – TEXT attachment has an extra line > Hello all, > > When sending an email with TEXT attachments. **add attachment name CLEAR L_ATTSUBJECT. DATA: LO_DOCUMENT TYPE REF TO CL_DOCUMENT_BCS VALUE IS INITIAL. DATA document TYPE REF TO cl_document_bcs. document = cl_document_bcs=>create_document( document->add_attachment.

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Confidentiality of the mail which is also an optional parameter. Summary HR applications More information.

Will the above code work for this scenario. Often it is important to have necessary information at disposal in order to react quickly and in the right way. Loop the contents from final fieldcatlog table and assign the value to this variable. Summary This article guides the how to technique for creating More information.

How to send emails from ABAP with CL_BCS – Cadaxo GmbH

Subject of the Attachment. Summary The document describes More information. Summary Comply with your client.

Summary The purpose of this article is. Sample code how to create the persistent request using this method of the class.

Priority of the mail It is also optional parameter. This article applies to SAP Netweaver 7. Summary This document helps people to create a transport cl_document__bcs for the. See Note for brief explanation. Summary The document describes. Summary In This article, I am going. Summary This article gives a detailed.


cl_document_bcs=>add_attachment is blank

For more information, visit the Customer Relationship Management homepage. Summary This Article gives you a brief idea on how to do. This article tells about displaying data both in More information.

Summary This document helps user to create workflow s More information.

Sending email with attachment in SAP ABAP

SAP Net Weaver 7. Summary The frequent question will come into your mind. Summary The objective of. U need to attach document form local system and that document must be attched and sent to the recipient through mail. Summary The article describes the benefits of SO10 objects in comparison. In this case you can also use loop the fieldcatlog table and assign the headings to it. Basically two classes are used here. So we need to create a table also with different heading colors.

If we are sure about the Attachment format, we can easily figure out the best suited Function Module SAP has provided and its parameters required to achieve the functionality, for the attachment to be Emailed.

Technically email is a binary document, we need to add document to the email object.


Here we can use text-elements to update into the internal table because HTML coding starting with will be treated as comment in SAP so we can use text elements for such type of statements.

  ETK81 050 PDF

Summary This paper briefs about Information broadcasting that allows you More information. Summary This document states how to create Web Service from.

Guidelines for Effective Data Migration Applies to: A sending process breaks down into the following steps: Summary These documents describe.

For more information, visit Customer Relationship Management homepage Summary This article is aimed at understanding different ways of handling More information. There are few methods which are used in these class for preparing these mails which is discussed in detail below Step in Preparing the Mail Step 1: Understanding BEx Query Designer: A Case Study Applies to: Summary This article will be helpful to. This article applies to BW 3.

Summary This document helps people to create ALE settings, which. Reference address of the mail being sent. For more information, please. Summary SAP offers a wide More information.

Join the Mailing List. For more information, visit the Master Data Management More information.

Adlin Sundararaj More information. Summary This article contains More information.