Generator Multiwave. 8 body channels, 1 canal facial. 51 programs. Bipolar interferential, rusas o de Kotz, TENS bifásico simétrico y asimétrico. Generator Multiwave. 8 body channels, 1 canal facial. 51 programs. Bipolar interferential, rusas o de Kotz, TENS symmetric biphasic [ ].

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Combi 4 Max Electrotherapy. Russian and interferential currents. Tim Watson Some common answers to the most frequently asked questions on Electrotherapy, particularly in the area of Contraindications. Used with confidence by athletic trainers, sports medicine professionals and physical therapists, it offers the ease and convenience of a 3-in-1 unit. Russian Waves- electroestimulador Electrotherapy. Stim4 — electroestimulador Electrotherapy.

Please see the manufacturer’s warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer’s website. Electroanalgesia or TENS stimulates the sensory fibers involved in pain transmission, providing [ Integra — electrotherapy and electrodiagnostic Electrotherapy. Treatment with TENS or electroanalgesia transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation It is a widespread therapeutic modality in the treatment of pain.

Please enter a valid email. The Quadstar II has 9 preprogrammable fixed sequences with a lock system that holds prescription treatments for optimum patient compliance, accurate monitoring and recording of the number of treatment hours performed 20 minutes of INF to release muscle tension followed by 20 minutes of NMS therapy, ending with 20 minutes of TENS therapy for excellent pain management. Shipping Expected to ship in days.


Designed with a fabric back; sturdy and flexible for accurate TENS and muscle stimulator connections. Electroterapiaa books on Electrotherapy with brief descriptions and links to Amazon pages for purchase.

NMS has 3 adjustable modes constant, cycled and reciprocal. Please Login for Price 5 Options Available.


Empowerment, Toning, muscular relaxation and general working. Passive and active-assisted Gymnastics, strengthening and muscle recovery; any muscle hypertrophy normally innervated.

Satisfy the vast majority of [ If you make use of the information, please acknowledge its source – I am constantly amazed to see where this information appears without reference – I have no problem if you want to use it – that is what it is here for – but please do the decent thing and acknowledge the source. I try to put 1 x original research and 1 x review each day. Please Login for Price 2 Options Available. INF offers adjustable frequency. Through electrodes, the galvanic current is transformed into a stream of ions and produces dissociation [ The web site appears to be doing what it was supposed to.

Electrotherapy on the Web

Electroanalgesia or TENS stimulates the hens fibers involved in pain transmission, providing a [ It provides a place for discussion, exchange of ideas and a community of people who can assist with your questions relating to the use of electrophysical modalities.


Combi 8 Max — electroestimulador Electrotherapy. Follow the feed here: Because of its stimulant and analgesic effects, interferential waves can be used in painful processes and [ Generator Multiwave of 2 body channels. Galvanic current generator, 2 canales.

Electrotherapy today

If you make use of the information, please acknowledge its source. Unique with current Australian.

Portable for home care. It is not presented as a replacement for current texts but attempts to provide an independent view yens the current state of the art.

Comes with wall adapter, color-coded 48″ wire, 8 pigtail electrodes and carrying case. There is an panel of experts from around the world who have volunteered to assist in answering queries – so why not pay a visit electtoterapia make the most of a resource which is free and open access?? Allows total treatment; just set and go. Combi Trend 8 — electroestimulador Electrotherapy.