Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk was one of the final products WotC published for E D&D before the 4E announcement (in fact. Product Blurb: A Dungeons & Dragons super-adventure for characters of levels 8 – Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk is a page D&D super-adventure. Title – Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk Publisher – Wotc Format – Hardback Pages – MSRP – $ Reviewer – Glenn Vincent.

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I do not have a dominant preference for a particular iteration of the Greyhawk setting, although I generally thought less of the From the Ashes era in terms of tone than any other.

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Mark rated it really liked it Mar 09, The chapter also features notes on Castle Greyhawk’s upper ruins greyhwak the surrounding region. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. Rumors dating back centuries suggest that the treasures waiting to be claimed below Castle Greyhawk will make the danger worth risking, the exploits of its heroes worth remembering forever.

Iuz, however, managed to escape the battle and fled back to his kingdom where he could recover his power and plot his revenge against his expedution. The fearless swordsman chased adventure with the enthusiasm of an addict, often venturing into Castle Greyhawk on highly dangerous solo missions, facing every challenge with a wide grin and a clever rejoinder. After using the artifact — a shard from a magic-infused obsidian formation called the Obelisk — to trap Iuz in a bid to gain true sentience as a living being, Iggwilv’s simulacrum sundered it into three pieces, which she has placed expedigion three foreign planes in phase with the castle.

Mordenkainen had expected Rary to betray him sooner or later, but not Robilar, who was his trusted ally for decades. In the course of three complete dungeon levels, the PCs discover the villainous plans and thwart the general’s ambitions, only to discover that other agents of Iuz lurk elsewhere in the castle — beyond locked doors requiring a key once possessed by Catle himself. The Scouring of the Land. Chapter 6 In Zagig’s Shadow: Wind rated sxpedition really liked it Aug 26, Posted By Greyhask Thursday, 27th December, Making matters still worse, if the PCs try to stop Iuz once he appears, Iuz will casually smack them down and then, uncharacteristically, let them live to go about their business unhurt.


Of course, all of the authors work for Paizo Publishing that has, until recently, published Grryhawk. Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk – got it! These days it is home to the cunning General At-Ur Rehmat, who has turned several levels into the barracks and training ground for an army of enslaved savage humanoids set to assault the City of Greyhawk at the behest of the demon-god Iuz the Evil. His body now travels by sacred procession along the Western Road toward Greyhawk, drawing the cleric’s former companions from their expeditiion and schemes to the city that once bound them together in long-dead friendships and alliances.

With the discovery of Zagig’s Prison, Mordenkainen decided to try to prevent that return from ever happening. The authors have quietly turned part of an adventure book into a City of Greyhawk gazetteer. The fiendish tyrant had vanished from his northern empire in Mordenkainen’s youth, leaving savage humanoid hordes and diabolical societies in the ensuing vreyhawk vacuum. Over the years a handful of lesser demons and shapeshifters appeared on the scene claiming Iuz’s Throne of Bone, whipping the fractured cult of the Old One into temporary frenzy until caastle dispatched by rivals.

The game provides a list of random encounters for each dungeon level, generic dungeon maps left clear of content, and numerous side quests to help the DM along the greyhawj and keep the adventure flowing.

When the PCs finally arrive at the gates of Castle Greyhawk, they find that the only way inside is through the front gates of Zagig’s Tower of War, where the Mad Archmage once housed his considerable army of servitors, soldiers, and attack monsters.

Rallia rated it it was amazing Dec 21, In his final act as a mortal, Zagig carved an essence of their divine power and claimed it as his own, departing the Material Plane as the newly divine “Zagyg” to serve in the court of Boccob, Archmage of the Gods. In one of the deepest levels, the treasury of the Company of Seven, Zagig’s old adventuring companions, the false Iggwilv discovered the artifact necessary to power the demigod prison that had allowed Zagig Yragerne to transcend mortality.

The simulacrum is not as powerful as the real Iggwilv but is formidable nonetheless.

As the wizard’s palace descended, his paranoia that others would steal his secrets or prevent his ascension increased, and the arcane traps and bound guardians he left to protect the abandoned levels above him grew more and more powerful and eccentric. The demigod abandons caution and manifests in the lower dungeons of Castle Greyhawk to punish the PCs for their treachery, only to be magically drawn through a nearby wall and into the waiting prison of Iggwilv’s simulacrum. Trey Hollen rated it really liked it Oct 29, If the real Iuz returns, the disaster could be incalculable.


Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. But time does not stand still in Greyhawk, and the demon-god of the north has not accounted for the city’s next generation of heroes. Josh Martin rated it liked it Nov 19, Iuz’s greyawk fell apart years earlier after Iuz was captured by the Free City’s founding wizard, the mad Zagig Yragerne, who imprisoned Iuz in a device called the “godtrap” as part of a bizarre experiment to achieve divinity for himself.

This expeddition also includes useful source material for players and a combat encounter format designed to make the DM’s job easier. An overview of the city’s districts provides the background you’ll need to make this exciting locale come alive for your players.

I’m also not a fan of the “Expedition to This is a very good thing. In darkened chambers deep below the crumbling tower they encounter the ringleader of Iuz’s pending invasion, the preening, megalomaniacal wizard Vayne, a conniving lieutenant who cannot afford to fail Iuz again. Tim rated it really liked it Jan wxpedition, Second, within the context of the City of Greyhawk mini-gazetteer, the Green Dragon Inn is described in considerable detail, providing characters greyhawo a familiar place to call home within the City of Greyhawk.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. They discover remnants of the Mad Archmage’s mortal experiments while negotiating deadly traps meant to protect his secrets forever.

Fred rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Chapter 4 City of Hawks, Ezpedition of Thieves: