Source that I used for the video: Atheism vs. Christianity: Which Way Does the Evidence Point. Frank Zindler is an American atheist and he is currently the editor of American Atheist Magazine and Director of American Atheist Press. Frank R. Zindler. Showing all 9 results. Sort by popularity, Sort by latest, Sort by price: low to high, Sort by price: high to low.

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Now, in line with his title, Zindler proclaims allegiance to an “apostles myth” as well in which he refers to “the silence which surrounds all his companions and most of the places in which he is supposed to have worked his wonders.

Frank Zindler refuted

The character of the assassins of these men bears some striking similarities and the stories show signs of editing by Lincoln proponents. Jesus, after reading their minds, says Matt.

The name Zebedee resembles the Old Babylonian Zalbatanuthe equivalent of Jupiter “the Thunderer,” making it only reasonable that James and John would be the sons of thunder. On the other hand, he zidler Jude to argue for the status of Enoch as Scripture. Most historians accept the textual accuracy of other ancient works on far less adequate manuscript grounds than is available for the New Testament. None of these works are today extant.

Brief Biography of

Finally Zindler proffers an example of disciple stupidity: Before being taken seriously, it should at least be accompanied by an exposition of heresies in the early church, their sources, their reasoning, how many Christians believed what, etc.

Marcion was no slouch. Quite obviously, there is a political play here in process. Even given a one-year ministry, it is obvious that it is always possible to report more or less about a person that is still absolutely true. Before you dismiss, please consider making a donation. The results of our study are obvious. The rule of faith zincler states that fran, shall be accepted which is at variance with accepted scriptures or that teaches false doctrine.

I zindller not think for a moment that Zindler has actually examined the documentarian practices of any number of religious movements and found evidence aindler such development to any extent. A work must have been authored by an Apostle or an immediate follower of an Apostle. The mere existence of a person frak Jesus is not comparable to a large rabbit with a shaving fetish, and Zindler is challenged to say how this is so.

The former “may presuppose the existence of a collection of Pauline Epistles. Josephus notes that during the reign of Antipas, while Herod Agrippa I was in Syria, a dispute regarding boundaries arose between Sidon and Damascus, a city of the Decapolis.


Frank is a good friend of mine. The durability of these works in the hearts of the people of God may be taken as ample evidence of their inspired character.

As the Apostles pass away, authority is fran, vested in “apostolical men” like Papias zinder Polycarp who can still bring to the fore direct memory of the teachings of the Apostles. It took my prodding to keep Lowder honest, since that’s apparently a hard thing for him to do if left unchecked, by forcing him to change what he wrote.

His prime point was that he “denied that Jesus really suffered on the cross” – in line with the Gnostic idea that a divine being could not undergo such suffering.

Discussion Criterion 3 – Apostolic Authority Here is what is, in our opinion, the primary consideration for acceptance of the a work into the NT canon: They were produced by followers of Tiberius who believed he existed, or were trying to get others to frnak he existed.

We are told, izndler acquisition of Peter as a disciple lies in front zidler an otherwise unattested-in-history “Peter cult” that stood against a cult of John the Baptist. When Zindler’s Group B manufactured all of this, he apparently sees Group A cowering in immediate fear with no options.

The big problem, obviously, is the anonymous authorship of this work. The “argument by incredulity” works for many people because we have a mentality belonging to a society that talks too much and thinks it necessary to fill in matters with extraneous detail. Here are a couple of Tacitus points: I say Tiberius never existed.

Per Metzger, NT works cited or alluded to – in actuality and in probability – by Apostolic Fathers are:. In contrast, Zindler makes much of the lack of mention in the NT of Sepphoris, “even though people living in its shadow could reasonably be expected to interact with it at least occasionally.

On Tacitus it is said, “Latinists often dispute the possibility of the passage being a forgery on the grounds that Tacitus’ distinctive Latin style so perfectly permeates the entire passage.

Someone should perhaps inform Zindler, if he means this seriously, that claims of Jesus being born on Christmas are rather late in the game 3rd century or soand if we want to explain Jesus as a “sun god” he will have to do more than say it overcame the wall of scholarship that disagrees.

See again here including the supplemental essay on Mithraism. If you don’t turn them over to the authorities, you may be harmed or killed. Indeed, even the Jesus movement’s travel from Tyre to Sidon to the Decapolis depicted in Mark, which has struck some New Testament interpreters as evidence for an ignorance of Galilean geography, is, in fact, quite plausible.


In this regard, he was the equivalent of the Roman god Janus, whose cult was headquartered a short distance from the present-day Vatican the site of an equivalent “Peter cult”. In that regard, I am in agreement with the Church Fathers: A place where he supposes the virgin birth is disputed — as found in ONE manuscript.

Certainly no divine force stopped President Jefferson from clipping his own “Bible” from the original texts!

In a sense, we each form our own canon of acceptable ideas; we each have our own “apocrypha” of marginal thoughts, and our own collection of ideas which we discard into the void, dismissing them from our canon of thought entirely. Zindler asks, there are many canons out there — which one is right? This is Teachminder Phonias J. In any event, being that he was obviously creating his own material, and was not vested with apostolic authority, there was absolutely no reason to recognize anything he wrote or said as being authoritative for Christianity.

This would also suggest that the false Gospels were so poorly grounded in reality that they had to struggle to survive as indeed may be seen from those that survive to this day. The Logic of Miracles — Part 4: Synodal judgments and episcopal pastoral letters concerning the contents of the Bible become usual only in the fourth century, and at first are of only local importance.

As MacDonald puts it:. They should also demonstrate some knowledge of the form and content of the book in question. The Epistle of 1 Clement ibid, 41for example, dated by some to c. Firstexcept for 2 Corinthians, all of these books are so short that it is possible that there was never any need to refer to them – especially in light of the fact that: But there is nothing to assuredly connect it to Paul, and even if there were, it is in content “almost entirely a compilation of extracts from the Pauline Epistles.

Most critics, however, are of a far more positive bent!