Entitled Junkie: Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict and authored pseudonymously by “William Lee” (Burroughs’ mother’s maiden. Junkie by William Lee – book cover, description, publication history. Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict (Junky) A novel by William Lee ( William S. New York: Ace Books, No. D First Edition, a paperback original. INSCRIBED by Burroughs, once on the title page of Junkie: For Allen De Loach / With.

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Ginsberg found Burroughs a publisher through Carl Solomon, whom he had met at the oc hospital to which Ginsberg was sent in by a judge following the latter’s trial for receiving stolen goods. Junk, alternatively published as Junkie or Junky is a semi-autobiographical novel depicting life as a drug addict and drugs dealer. I was cooking up a shot two days after I’d connected with Old Ike. New English Library Ltd Availability: It has come to be considered a seminal text on the lifestyle of heroin addicts in the early s.

With his addicr inclinations and his Mandarin intellect, he junkiee in a paradoxical position vis a vis the coming cultural revolution of the s. Wynwho owned Ace Books. Indeed, this is the great sadness of Junky and Burroughs himself as I conceive it.

Junkie by William Lee

Much has been written and even more conjectured about the killing. Junk wins by default” — is a deceptively thin, Pandora’s portfolio of an idea that raises the question: The meat of the text of Junky is as close as Burroughs could get to a factual account of his own experience of heroin.

However much he cared for Vollmer, their life together was clearly at an impasse their sexuality was incompatible and she was even beginning to object to his drug use ; and what could be more natural — if only momentarily — than to conceive of ridding himself of an obvious blockage? His descriptions of the “junk territories” his alter ego inhabits are, in fact, depictions of urban alienation itself.


Junkie (novel) – Wikipedia

Later, in the s, two audiobook editions were released, one read by actor David Carradineand another read by Burroughs himself. Janus-faced, and like some terminally cadaverous butler, Burroughs ushers in the new society of kicks for insight as well as kicks’ sake. The Penguin Modern Classics edition of Junky. The story takes on a more personal tone when the narrator leaves New York. Burroughs wrote Junky on the very brink of a transformation in western culture.

Letters to a Young Novelist. We follow them as they slink furtively to their ‘meets’ in dim-lit cafeterias and sleazy bars.

William Burroughs – the original Junkie

Generally, American editions used the original Junkie spelling for the title, while UK editions usually changed this to Junky. Junky Essential Penguin Author s: Burroughs never managed to recover from lf addiction at all, and died in physically dependent on the synthetic opiate methadone.

Junky was published as an autobiographical novel telling an almost clinically cool history of how Burroughs became addicted, which is told in a very straightforward narrative, and seemingly based on a very innocent transaction, of a pal asking him to sell some morphine and Burroughs ending up trying some urnedeemed.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Self-deluding, vain, narcissistic, self-obsessed, and yet curiously perceptive about the sickness of the world if not his own malaise, Burroughs both offered cnofessions and was compelled to provide his psyche as a form of Petri dish, within which were cultured the obsessive and compulsive viruses of modernity.


Burroughs tries to clear that image, and would almost succeed. For, in describing addiction as “a way of life”, Burroughs makes of the hypodermic a microscope, through which he can examine the soul of man under late 20th-century capitalism.

Some time in the late s or early s, Burroughs recorded an extensive passage from the confexsions which was issued on a record album. The Final Journals of William S. Unlike Burroughs ‘ later work, Junky is written in a straightforward prose style, and linear plot development. When Burroughs was off heroin he was a bad, blackout drunk for evidence you need look no further than his own confirmation in Junky.

In the prologue to Junky and the introduction to The Naked LunchBurroughs writes of confessikns own addiction as if it were a thing of the past, but confessioons was never the case. Since, in the hysterical, anti-drug culture of postwar America, potential censure could easily induce self-censorship, it’s remarkable that Junky as it was published under his own name found a publisher at all.

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